Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Life of an Asshole..

Yup.. its a fat drag being an ass hole.. my breath stinks of shit, so to my thoughts and actions... I am hidden away from the world in dirty underpants.. I am a skid mark a sleazy asswipe on cotton... I am not only a piece of Shit but the place it always originates from.. the orifice of the nameless.. my throat is a Sphincter muscle, My voice is a monotonous monotone fart, I am a life without Art.. living in a world apart..

Everybody hates me, I make sure of that... I live to be obnoxious and repulsive, its the way I live its the crap i give, dont tell me..

Your an ass hole too, aint You.. wanna hang out in the Toilet... its the only time I see any light..


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