Thursday, 11 August 2011

Internet anti affairs of the feint hearted

Dont Look for Love on the Internet.. coz all you will find are deeply disturbed fuck ups with fake faces... Some years ago I fell victim of such stupidity, She put very pretty Pics of "a face" on her profile.. and I got hooked on a fraud..

Recently I found a Video made by her company, it was about 35 mins long, but I sat through it, and to my Shock and Horror... She was featured in it for less than a minute.. I was Horrified and shocked..

She looked like She had just crawled out of a Jungle.. also her visible behaviour and facial expressions were those of a mental patient.. uncoordinated expressions, She looked extreamly disturbed.. and far from normal.. What the Fuck happened to her? looks like She turned to comfort eating and didn't stop.. She was a mess beyond description, with the facial ticks of a lunatic... So Be Warned...

if You want to mix and mingle and meet people, Try Reality! it works every time.. You wanna check the goods for bruises, who wants rotten fruit?.. that is half eaten with corrupting mould..

Nothing beats eye 2 eye contact, dont trust "profile pictures" they are usually doctored photo shopped and FAKE... She may have once been pretty God Knows.. but She is definatly over the hill.. finished; and a Has been, a Used to be.. Youth has long since left her and self pity and depression has taken it's toll.. with Americas favorite means of Suicide, "Obesity" Tell me who wants to fuck a Fatso?.. some old lady that only a Dog could love..

Never trust a Human... They will "always let you down, lie, cheat deceive and steal your trust"... Sign out & disconnect if you want to reach a real person, not a projected self inflated Visual lie... made to snare you in a web illusion... let's face it the WWW is a web of lies and deception, when it comes to meeting people, give me bad breath and body odour every time, not a tiny picture of an idealised self that does not exist... 

Amy Was no Portrait, but at least She was Real Talented & Sincere... not a dirty old bitch who wants Dick at any price... Dont be fooled.. Oh Yes You will.. coz if your an idiot to start with, Idiots are all you will meet... like attracts like..

Real People are in the Street, not on-line... where every miscreant on Earth trys to rob lie cheat and steal from You... Real People are out there if you care to take the time to find them, dont look for love on eBay, coz you wont find it, however hight you bid... remember Love is FREE.. but these days nobody is giving it away.. as the interest rate is so low it's not worth the investment..

dont look for a mate... Just masturbate, which is the only fate for Dirty old fuck ups.. and FAT old Whores... who pretend to be Sweet young and sincere.. yet harbour so much baggage they have to pay Excess.. at Your expense..

so Fuck Humanity, and fuck your fist instead..


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