Sunday, 17 July 2011


Something Wonderful is going on.. not even going to ask Why.. Yes Uno I already told You I was in an "up Mode Episode" but this is reaching new highs.. never b4 experienced.. no bullshit double talk fiction or deception here...

I never felt so Fkn alive in my entire life so far... You could say I have never been so Stoned.. but that would be misleading... coz I mean stoned on the Actualised potentated self... Functioning perfectly... (being mental can be great fun..)

Christians might easily call it the "Holy Spirit descending upon and into them" an altered state beyond all others... a certainty of wholesome good things to come... and never leave.. is it Bi-Polar this time? of is this the final transition into healing forever, coz that is exactly how it feels... 

its a feeling of "Being blessed for no good reason" for NOTHING.. or something you accidentally did..

I got back from the gig around 1:50am having only slept a few hrs after a 26hr day.. But The ENTHUSIASAM I have equals a 12yr old.. right now.. I went to bed at 3:40 and woke at 7:25 spontaneously with ENERGY to BURN.. and a Life to Pursue... and a Superstructure of continued exponential ecstasy of conciousness, which is probably the most accurate way to catalogue it..

The Beauty of it is, it is either a gift from another or a deluded state of mind... after weeks on the ground something has taken me to the clouds above in a state of indescribable contentment & grace..

Last nights gig.. was a cosmic moment.. "no I didnt get laid" didn't need to.. I fucked myself... well USED TO.. now everything is so easy to understand, and thoughts begin to make resolved conclusions... My greatest wish is, that I could post it to you/give it to You.. tell you about it, so you can look out for it & be ready...

Question is ? is it Chemicals.. or distant souls who wish you well.. ( I would love to believe someone's good thought to me is doing this.. coz let me humbly thank you, it's working Miracles....) or the final closedown of insanity.. but I dont mind if I die tomorrow I had all the fun you could contain Yesterday...  who needs Today?.. in a moment of enlightenment that will never ever end... I feel Gratitude, and in return, I send all the strength Love and HOPE in my Heart to You..)

Let's have a Skype... You know my Username... and Yes I like waiting forever, it makes every moment more fun.. suspense to an actual Event in real time..

Thanks for the Gratuitous Sex....  what you doing at the weekend?... sorry I am booked in Soho under a Pseudonym..
Till my nxt Shrink appointment in the ASYLUM...

HAVE FUN AND LAUGH AT DEATH.. it's a cakewalk..

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