Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lifes a Pitch..

In Hollywood ask anybody what a "Pitch" is.. and they will know.. people do it all day in L.A., after they have snorted Cocaine had a Salad Lunch and a  secretary nooner... they sit around smoking Mary Jane and Pitchin each other..
an Idea is worth money to the moguls who choose the Storys.. as an idea is wrapped in potential that will paint light into the retinas of an audience sitting in the dark in awe, of "the Pitch"....

500 word outlines have sold for half millions, the pen is mightier than sword, but its nothing without a voice through which to speak it...

Thoughts can be worth millions... to story tellers, I'd love to have a captive head of Paramount tied to a chair... and bleed my pitches all over it/him/her.. or even better kidnap Steven Speilberg and force him to hike through a Jungle with me, so I can bore him to death with my minds endless verbal excrement, you never know he might find a diamond that I accidently ate while drinking River water... in all that shit... funny but not impossible..

no I wont fill you.. with mine.. You might steal em..

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