Monday, 27 June 2011


Yup Infamous all over again... and useless all over again.. I try to do a tiny bit of stand up.. but I keep Hitting the bat wrong.. how come somany people get away with tasteless Jokes and buffonery...

I cant get away with nothing... last weeks complaints on Daves phone were the worst yet..

"this asshole made jokes about terminal Cancer" if he ever comes back here we will kick his teeth out..." My face dont fit.. in a airport scanner it comes up as a hot air ballon..

So another week of blanck faces and no calls... rejection and dejection.. but hey thats what gives me a reason to keep on going...

it was an expensive week, with cam belts main & auxiluary.. plus MOT test I spent over $1100 this week.. so if your looking for a free gig in the park, go hike.. if I had the Courage, I would go to next months Edin Festival..

But I know I would Die alive on stage... I just dont have the Guts to take the chance to reveal the real lance... it is far to far beyond the collective Anus of my captured audience.. and frankly, I'd rather live in fear and penury.. in relative luxury.. than die on the road as a dead body in a B&B far from home.. as my comments about Islam would be sure to terminate my sence of fun..

Who needs the worry.. let me sweat and writhe in a sweaty hell that is my den... I forsake any kind of notariety, in favor of peasent peace with a bottle of Ethiol...  there is no future, but dont forget there was not much past either so dont get too distressed...

I'm watchin Winbledon in Hi-Def.. who needs the hassle of some other person.. leave me alone, that's where I most long to stay:


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