Sunday, 1 May 2011


I don't care... at all.. DISASTER is a part of my life..lets Party.. baby.. God I need HUMAN love.. NOW!! not kidding..

I was thinking... (DANGEROUS activity...) How much I would love a bird as a pet.. I want a Parrot!!! I want somthing to love, that will love me back.. we all want a little of what we treasure returned...

I love to love.. but my baby just wants to dance.. OMG if U were here with me I would touch you so deeply and compleatly U would never survive an hour without it, when I make love ANGELS sing in Heaven, Hey Raven I still care bout U too... but I need a real bird to "take me away" so here is Ur invitation to resist the temptation to cast my seeds asunder...

I want to be loved.. may you be loved too/as well.. I never felt sooooooo good, must be the drugs? nope I aint had any dope, Adrenilin is my drug of choice.. and humanity is my CREDO for unification of all the World to taste..

I LOVE YOU (Meaningless) but NOT a TOTAL WASTE OF Time or taxpayers money...

Come on.. show me the Money... show me the Hope of it?!!!
Yeah... Dig it..


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