Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lovely Weather, Summer comes Early..

Super Sunshine, 22c perfect mixture of heat and cool with a little breeze.. nice gig last night, and a big party tonight, I bought 4 Lasers now, though one went awry, so the ceiling is filled with moving stars, and fills the entire venue, flick sound to light, and they all strobe in time with the music... I use 2 large plasma balls on each speaker, which also throb with the beat.. and on the front of my decks/laptops.. I have a large glass plasma plate... looks really nice...

I am loving my new Blog space... best thing is there is no detailed counter... so you don't get stressed about numbers... I feel great been cycling 10 laps each sunny day, getting up stairs is surprisingly much easier, with loadsa bounce in each step.. DAVE is coming to the party tonight, so I will take my Camera to film events.. its for a Canadian friend of his on his 60th B/day, my favorite kinda people respectful older crowd, though no doubt a few of their kids will be there too.. its a big do.. he has hired a posh hotel we are in the ballroom, (we = me and the lasers) free meal, free booze, a room to sleep it off if required..

He has spent around £2000 = $3000 on the whole thing.. so I am gonna squeeze in a quick few circuits on the bike, wash my car, shower shave, nibble cough spit n sneeze, iron my dinner suit and shirt, polish my patent leather loafers, scratch my ass and let wind blow free, so if you will excuse me... I am rather Busy.. C'ya whenever lover.. try not to miss me too much.. I will probably get laid tonight so I wont be needing you for a while... take the night off and hang with your blood.. since I have a room gratis I wanna make a mess on the sheets.... and throw a TV or 3 out the window... but what if I am on the ground floor..?

Later mater..

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