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" My top 10,000 Vids
Changes are very in-Frequent; come back.. or waste your time elsewhere..
in memory of Nils Den Hertog, a wonderful Fellow.. from Holland

NB: who is not actually Dead as such.. but in the corridors of time, that person is anatomically as different from the original I know in 1975.. yup many prismatic changes of life; since then.. the Body changes, but the memory is still youthful... the only part of a person that does not Age.. The Memory.. even though vast Terabytes 'so to speak' may have vaporised..

why do I mention him?.. he was for a time my soul-Brother.. people actually mistook us for each other.. and we couldn't be more different, in height by 11' and several many over ways.. this one is for you old Pal..

ZORBA the meek Greek..

The Original the one and only.....
Rest in Peace both men are deceased.. like we all will be..

RE: Nils.. I have a very fond Memory at 8 Huntley Gardens, we shared a Victorian Hovel with 12ft ceilings.. in our first Year at Crime School, i.e. Drama School.. (crime? coz its professional lieing to rob people of belief..) i.e. how to con people out of faith hope and money.. The stuff Dreams are made of.. in the immaterial World..

anyhow this fond memory.. one day His Wonderful Mother sent Him his favorite "dutch diner" which was a Smoked Sausage from Heaven, and a mixture that when mixed with Water turned into a vast amount of Mashed potato with herbs and exquisite falovors to excite the pallet of a dull Brit like me...

He "shared it with me..." He didn't have to.. but he did.. and OMG what a hit.. I can almost still taste it after 42 years!!! I have searched for those flavors all my life and never found them... Thank You Old friend.. that act of magnanimous generosity.. has always stayed with me.. right up to this very Day... x

NILS.. You Rock.. wot a great Guy.. '~' However... this is a Video page not a Blog... innit?..

I bet You cant do this... 
the amazing Ms Kendrick...

Now that is a focused mind..

Prepare to be moved.. Are we not Ghosts in Machines..

This is Kara..


I Love Animals... Official...
and; want a Cheetah for Christmas..

Nara's Theme - Cold case

RY Cooder - Feelin bad Blues (Cover)

Joan Osbourne.. one of us..

Tom Petty - Free Fallin..

John Martin - Solid Air..

J J Cale - Cherry

The Kinks - I need You

Classical Gas... Mason Williams

First record I ever played on a Juke box !!

My Hero of the moment..
The one and only 
Cara Delevingne 
The coolest woman there's ever been.. or seen...

Except Taylor Swift... the classiest Pop star with the most talent, and touching Genius..

She deserves every Million she makes.. and shes pretty good as a role model... GOOD GIRL POWER! she ain't no Bimbo..

Creedence Clearwater Revival..
CCR "Born on the Bayou.. I loved this track then, and I love it now... American Heros to a whole generation..

yeah man.. pass the weed...

Changes are not that Frequent come back later!
Yup I have previously neglected this list but
have resolved to update it frequently... Mwah:)

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