Friday, 14 April 2017

Running out of time..

The older you get the more you are running out of Time.. Yes I am stating the Obvious.. but once you get a grip of the reality of mortality.. you will put it off for another Day.. you will succumb to denial.. but every Day is counting down to your Autopsy if your lucky enough to get one...

How many days have you got.. Who cares?.. not me I am assured of the final conclusion.. whereas You think living is where it is at.. 

it's the final countdown.. life is a Hill.. you walk up it when young, get to the peak of perfection for a bit, then the slow walk down the other side.. into; and through; the ground.. or blown to the four points of the compass into an unsaturated dust beyond gathering ever again...

Ah so lyrical and romantic..
hilarious yet so tragic..
I was just being pedantic..
and enjoying the moment of magic..

the bad news is you never die.. you just wake up as someone else.. such is the prison of the soul..

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