Friday, 17 February 2017

Dump the Trump..

I never saw a President who looks so wrong for the Job.. he is out of his depth and a misfit.. the leader of the free world ought to be a Common Man who knows the people, because he grew up with them.. not a Plutocrat, who talks like a Pratt.. (English slang for Vulva = Cunt) and never spent a day wanting.. never went hungry; or had to work 3 jobs to stay in college like Obama did.. therefore "He is not a Man of the People"..

He talks like a Ventriloquist who has mislaid his puppet, as his hand does more talking than his inarticulate Mouth..

his youngest Son, Looks like Damian from the Omen.. an expressionless little prick, who had a Mercedes 350SL for his 9th birthday..

only a month in office and it looks like chaos, people are refusing to work with him.. He looks uneasy, has no art of oratory, his vocabulary is based around 600 words!! go ahead Count them yourself.. he has never Strived and cried to make it in the world.. he inherited it.. for free.. is this a Man people can respect?.. dont think so.. He makes G.W. Bush look like a towering genius..

you dont need to shoot him.. he is already assassinated by his own ignorance... he already Shot himself in the foot; with the Terminal Shutdown crisis which was overturned by the Supreme court.. he is like a Learner Driver who keeps crashing into things.. coz he is too used to being driven by a Chauffer..

whats the betting he dont get a second term? hey.. whats the betting He dont serve even one full term.. What an unfortunate name, Trump means fart in slang.. so really he is President Fart!.. who will tolerate his Gas for too long..

and His Picky Mrs refuses to live in the White House.. the First ever to do so; Because she considers it "social housing".. and not exclusive enough for Her.. You couldn't make this stuff up.. but its true.. thats why it is so tragically hilarious...

The rest of the World is Laughing at the Jester of America; a once proud nation that has turned into an Imitation.. a Parody of itself, Just a graveyard of broken dreams and a scrapyard for unfulfilled promises.. sewn by deception.. grounds for serious reflection.. as Hope evaporates like a puddle in the sun...

When is the Funeral and the final curtain.. America is damned for certain.. for sure President Putin is the only leader with His eye on the Prize... You have to admire Him.. he has achieved more loyalty than any half cocked Ameuter Like Trump the Chipmunk.. He alone has the Testicles to change the World to a totalitarian state of order and subjugation of the worthless masses...

May he rule in perpetuity... like I have been saying We need a hard ruler who will deal with the Islamic filth invading Europe, Frankly He is the best of the worst.. but also better than the assumed best... He has the Vision and the network to control the worthless masses of sub humans who are raping all of western culture..

if it were a choice between Trump and Putin.. who deserves to Win? not an old decrepit Pussy with a comb over, who is way out of His Depth, and way beyond His intellectual capability..

We need a Born again Hitler like Vlad.. long live the the king of the Bad.. hey I would gladly Die for such a Hero... not a Trump sized Zero, who does not even know the terminology of Nuclear Fission.. America is a Laughing stock... with an old cock as head of the Crock of shit he represents..

Zeig Heil... Zeig Heil... relax.. You'll get used to it..

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