Friday, 10 February 2017

Tiny Time travel..

You dont need a vast laboratory of equipment, and laser light shows that boggle the mind... to travel back in time... just hop on a Meditation to a distant then, with instant Zen..

The past is very readily accessible.. but the more you go back.. the more uncomfortable you will feel... You can go back and freeze frame a moment and look at it like a 3D still life... that is even 'only a day' dead.. the past is always dead, only the scars of the past remain.. all else is an illusion of the brain.. but pain is the greatest teacher.. only fools forget injury..

the sad bit is, you can observe.. but you cannot take part.. you become an imperceptible Ghost, only visible to yourself.. in the fractal of a momentary recollection.. of a Voyers minds Eye..

Curiosity may have killed the cat.. but Ignorance really is bliss.. what the eye doesn't see, the Heart cant grieve over.. what is lost is forever gone.. but that which you cherish even though away, is always with you right up to this Day.. tomorrow and forever..

The greatest Odyssey is the Caravanserai of the seeking soul.. 

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