Thursday, 9 February 2017

Fukushima going Critical

The Paradoxical Irony of Fukushima is that, Japan was the first country to be attacked by Nuclear weapons in War...

whereas America is the first country to be quietly obliterated by Nuclear fission bi-products in Peace.. while they sleep to realise the American Dream, which becomes a nightmare..

530 Becquerels per hour have now been recorded there last month.. escaping via 300 metric tonnes of water used to wash core melt's as they find the way to the water table then the vast depths of rock and mantle, not to mention the great Atlantic Sewer cesspit of rotting tuna, and 2 headed dolphins.. El Nino is choking to Death on his Rattle.. the Weather becomes a living Demonic monster.. 

and the water is not safe to drink.. the negligence for sheer blind design, and foolhardiness of mankind, has made this Global event happen.. it is barely a comedy, based on the tragedy of limited foresight and arrogant assumptions born of limited intelligence..

That's what I call Revenge.. by accident... Poetic Justice via Irony...  and from now on the rest of us will pay the price.. as we glow in the dark ignorance of our diminishing mortality.. the great Cull is long begun, it will be very slow and painful..

until the National Guard is brought in to give the coup de gras.. in your wasted ass... because 'we the people' dont matter; we are dispensable and sacrificial.. only the "Seed Banks" are worth saving and dying for...

The individual is too self absorbed to be useful, unstable and ideologically unreliable.. only the Elite can appreciate a designer totalitarianism... for the 'Chosen alone'...

Remember Children's Blood is the Lubricant of all Wars.. the feast of the flesh, when the jaws of Death finally eat's You!... and no-one can hear you cry.. boo hoo.. 

''shut up and Die''.. as they beat in your skull with a tyre iron.. there is no mercy for the merciless.. not even the executioners Daughter..

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