Sunday, 22 January 2017

Terminal Shutdown

OK so much for lame Pseudo Philosophical Psychosis, lets vent some bad Gas.. ready?.. it's becoming the coolest in thing to Bump Trump, and put him down...

Only Red neck Americans would vote into the highest office in the land, a Man with the Mind of a day hire construction worker, who bury's his face in Transylvanian Pussy for a hobby... and fondles co-workers with impunity.. who spouts inflammatory prejudiced tweets, like a trailer trash cheerleader half drunk at a party... who however clean Her underpants when they went on... always shits Herself in public..

You just voted a fat Old born again Turd into the white house... it now becomes Trump's Toilet... if he is not assassinated in 90 days, I'll do it myself.. 'just give me the tools and I will finish the Job..'

mind you if he legalises Marijuana.. let the cunt live..

The Yanks are up to their neck in human filth.. they got it coming out the floors... the whole country is saturated in twisted minds filled with ill intent, anger hate and resent.. it was a good idea in 1776.. but it has badly failed... repeatedly and consistently... with each re-write of the raped and sodomised constitution..

it is a hornets nest of tormented mongrels snarling at each other.. there are very few if any; normal people in the entire country... even the Native Americans are all alcoholics and heavy drug addicts; who Moleste their children.. the entire USA is a Breeding pen of wicked wild evil scammers thieves frauds cheats and self induced Mad folk.. addicted to Maximum pleasure and acquisition... at leisure..

their children are Brat scum and malefactors, the infrastructure is rusted to near destruction... the capital theft of funds is astronomical... the decay is almost comical...

I was 100 yards from The border in 1996, while living in Montreal Quebec, and had the opportunity to go to NY for the weekend, but I had such a nausea in my guts, Maybe I watched "Death wish" too many times.. I got out the coach, and got another Bus back to MTL.. which is only marginally better... they are just obnoxious, whereas Americans are the most untrustworthy people on the face of the Earth.. who like to laugh as they kill you.. a culture of Lies and cruelty abounds.. no-one is safe there.. except the roaches and the Pimps... poor folk can't get out..

Yet all the Scum from the underbelly of other Cultures wants to go there.. to Leech and suck blood..

if you have anything worth taking, it will be robbed from you by any means available... and even when they got yo stuff, they still put a bullet in your ass...

the capital of all corruption and deception.. populated with 75% uncaught criminals, ready to rape rob and kill you... where every promise is a scam... almost 3 million in prisons..

I still love the idea of American culture, but it is all in retrospect... I just dont want to ever "risk going there".. where all the best people are very long dead, and all that is left are the slime-bag offspring of the very Devil's dick himself... who always want more than just enough, where Greed and lust rule the roost... where easy money is the path yo choose..

where Movie stars are the kings and queens of an empty kingdom made of Styrofoam, by fakes liars and child murderers... and even sicker Kids who torture and kill animals.. as they Watch TV..

Trump is the Icing on the Cake.. of a wake for all Mankind.. The Cesspit of Humanity, driven by drug induced insanity... where Money is the truth, and Love is just a Myth in a movie.. with actors 5 times their body weight in Butterkist toffee popcorn..

Cancel your holiday.. America ceased to Exist a long time ago, dont ya know... its a car park that pretends to be the promised land.. where the Kingdom of Heaven is no longer at hand..

No disrespect to Obama.. intended, this is a broken land that will NEVER be mended... it is the Sewer of Malicious intentions, that scared people are too afraid to mention...

Did you get it?... I was impersonating trump throughout the whole blog, but from a different refracted outside perspective..
you know what it's like.. when you feel an itch you cannot scratch in public..

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