Friday, 13 January 2017

Now and Here

Right now; I have more than you will always have less of... Satori.. contentment, and peace of mind, and feel endlessly blessed in a cocoon of unbreakable love... this long moment is almost endless.. it just goes on and ever on... into the next perfect moment like Ivory Dominoes falling into a cosmic display of wonderment that can never end..

sublime feline like gazes into the enlightened resting place of a sacred sensation, all through the whole body and into the consciousness of a loving eternal being... that has opened the Lotus of all eternal perfections, in the lily pond of my Soul...

Today.. 'I felt the love of God'.. 

what better pursuit of the heart is there.. than to seek the essence of eternity; while being so ephemeral, the very act of curiosity aroused for the understanding of life's true purpose.. is the finest endeavour of a sentient mind...

that seeks for Answers they never seem to find... if they only stopped over complicating the question?... if I could help you I would.. I know I can and I could..

dont worry the subconscious linguistic algorithms in the text above; will actually reach deep into your unconscious mind and heal you.. even if you dont want it to... You cant get Raped by Pure Love... though you just were.. it's always coming anyway.. eventually.. and exponentially... but without the damp patch and the mess...

That's My personal blessing to all You who are Simple enough to read me.. repeatedly.. You must need cunnilingus? a good psychiatrist.. or a good massage.. sometimes a good Shit fixes things..

Try Drugs, they take you to places you didn't think could exist: but opens the veil of Heaven itself.. just by searching for eternal love you will receive it.. forever.. because you have already found it!..

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