Friday, 25 November 2016

Unified galactic synchronicity

The human rice/race is a Paella... we all boil the same.. it all steams down to; East is least, or west is worst.. when we are all the best.. in potentiality.. the far flung randomness that makes each unique.. every life an event of which each individual is the witness.. of living consciousness, how can you know God if you dont even know Yourself.. 

Twins prove 'Perfect clones" are frankly plausible.. Eugenics, is not the slaughter of peoples by Genocide... it is the proven improvement, by denying some defective.. the right to be conceived, denial is not assassination.. 

the criteria for denial are themselves a cornucopia of sliding definitions.. we need friendly compliant people to serve a more refined society.. We Breed dog's dont we?.. yet they Shoot Horses dont they.. cleaning up the filth of humankind is a dirty business, but somebody's got to get it 'off the ground'.. it is what evolution would want us to do..

only those who it was made for would object.. all men are not equal, except to the Taxman, and the mortician.. not the religious Police who on Earth lives a pure life filled with earnestly won satisfaction for doing a little good in a largely uncaring World.. a paragon of virtue with no bad thoughts or momentary intentions of harm to another...

a Saint no less, there are a handful.. but not of any Divine intervention; like that Liar in the Desert... formed of a collective reasoning; a best of all unified choices.. to simply breed less and more selectively.. not all love affairs deserve the third party offspring, the emotional cripple it turns into..

Eugenics is The conjoined collective reasoning of a higher civilisation, not tattooed White Supremacists necessarily, but a Slightly lighter shade of Brown.. mixing the best of them with the best of 'ours'.. it's not a totalitarian wedge designed to crack your natural love of cruelty open.. 

it's Safety in Righteous Unity across all the various breeds and variants across of man-king-kind.. where a future 'We'; are not Racists O no.. they are dedicated elitists.. to carve a better tomorrow we make sacrifice today... every sperm on the carpet.. was a Messiah.. you killed for selfish pleasure.. it sure beats the mess and heartache of a terminated life..

Wanker.. at least you killed a fair number of sociopaths in the mix.. the unborn will never get a Lawyer to declare their right to life.. they are immune from care... so just leave it there.. I rest my case.. for the human race.. 

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