Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hotel Everest..

when thoughts are limitless and unencumbered by the engineering problématiques.. then impossible Dreams are contrived that only one nation can begin to consider..

I urge the Great People of China to take this Idea and Prove to the world Your determination and unity of purpose to undertake the most challenging tasks and show the world your long heritage of vast organised creations.. here is one that can live forever...

Make a Hotel inside Everest, it's solid Strong and is perfect for this, Bore a tunnel 100 miles long from Kathmandu, the nearest town.. intersect directly into base camp level, drill into the core of Mount Everest, then drill a long slow, 9-12% incline corkscrew tunnel up, with offshoots to reach the face's of Everest's sides, where vast windows look out upon the Himalayas, build a City!.. the top is the limit.. 

the Volume of Everest is approximately; 2413 cubic kilometers. just removing one fifth of its structural mass, leaves enough room for 10,000,000 people... to live easily, have the next Chinese Olympics inside the Mountain... well mostly.. unless you'd like to build a small Lake in the base..

Mountains make the safest homes... and Ideal Bunkers in time of Natural peril.. war.. and uninvited peasants... after all people lived in caves for millennia.. 

could be done without spoiling it for climbers.. even have an express elevator right to the top; which you visit in pressurised suits, as the sudden difference in Air pressure and Oxygen levels, would knock you out..

Take this Idea and run with it.. could take 100+ years to finally complete..

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