Sunday, 23 October 2016

On-Line suicide; Tonight:

Can you believe it, tonight at 23 GMT.. apparently there is a videoed live stream self termination... honestly the things people do to get attention.. how about a drive in Morgue.. they wait; while you die in the car park.. so convenient and hygienic.. no flys!..

You get a free will at the Entrance which must be completed before your appointment time, or you pay double, and have to come back later.. you might not feel like it later..

just jump into a Nuclear reactors cool pool... you will be dead, and your corpse will never rot either..!! no bug got the guts to attack you.. you will turn to Soap.. that wont cleanse any hands..

Death is the most Exciting thing most people ever Experience, it's an alternative to The American Dream, to some deranged non entity's.. who wants to die in a home for old inactive Seniors...

Die in Glory with lots of Blood.. just make sure you get it on YouTube or its all in Vein.. Die when your Young.. it is much more Fun!.. and your corpse is still Sexy... Blood Guts and Gore, wonderful War bring it on.. so stimulating for the spirit..

Hey I been playin too much XBOX.. Man.. I love first person action shooters.. best of all with the most Atmosphere and sense of threat, is/are, Medal of Honour Series Airborne.. I have lived cried and died, and shot a lotta Mother-Doers with tremendous satisfaction... and updated my "hand eye co-ordination to that of a 30 yr old.." it makes everything you do more precise, just by playing Games.. The Game of Life is the weirdest.. you start off as nothing and can stay that way.. or you work your way through and start getting smart.. in the Art of readiness for puzzling situations..

As Life Art Theosophy are so Structured.. they are almost unsolvable.. by the randomness of guessing or blindly believing.. all the misdirection is in the Voice of man, not the Mind of God.. to believe the unbelievable, when you win the lottery of eternity, as a blade of Grass, or a simulation of life in an avatar.. you are just a Pixel on the Nuclear HD screen of the Cosmos... you cant stand back to See the Picture, Because You Are the Picture..

Life of the Soul, is to give your life;
for the Whole.. 

"Would you like a wonderful Adventure.." and have a great time during the Journey.. that lasts an eternity.. Strap up.. it's gonna be a Hell of a ride..

I dont want just a tree house, but a Tree in a House, built around an Oak Tree, with plenty of Ventilation and windows surrounding it.. please Cloud fund my Mansion in the forest...

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