Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hostage's Handbook.. 'Edit 12'

A lie is a firecracker.. even a hand grenade that can suddenly explode.. and blow your cover story.. and once they know you lied.. they wont believe anything further under deep interrogation by a professional Ministry Mind soldier.. 

the big bad Boys with a licence to maim i.e. each nations super secret police, MI5 CIA SVR.. who ever you are.. every neighbourhood in some lands have their own; run by Vigilantes.. South America is a Hornets nest of "Factions".. and copy cat detractors.. who amount to the same...

DONT GO TO SOUTH AMERICA EVER ANYWHERE, THEY ARE ALL potentially MURDERERS, I lost over 30 friends in 40 years.. who never came back, so take my advice seriously... or (at best) end up on 1 square metre of concrete to sleep on, forever, having been planted with Drugs: living in a world of lice and roaches, on a diet of rice "with" Roaches.. till you expire from disappointment.. they have places there that eat blanco Gringo Amigos alive.. you never died till you tried to live in the Jungle... of Humankind without any knowledge of kindness... "Hell is a place on Earth" that never feels like home..

there are innumerable ways of making an innocent person confess, under great pain and duress.. and in Saudi (sub human) Arabia they force confessions as a matter of course.. and frequently allow gang rapes on condemned women before they are hung.. "with permission".. omg..

in fact!; people bribe the prison guards in IRAN to do such, it is well documented if you care to apply yourself to a little Internet available digging and dont forget to have a bucket while you browse..

and they; in many other inhuman ways, beating the bottoms of one's feet with sticks is very painful and leaves no marks either.. it can cripple permanently if overdone.. 

Water boarding is popular in the west.. electrocution always get quick results.. rape by broomstick is cheap and quick, and others far too distasteful to mention.. 

How do you keep silence when tortured, or worst of all.. you really dont know anything...  but they Presume you Do.. "how can you fill in the blanks and appease them... go for Broke.. try to entertain them.. sing them a song or 2, tell all the jokes you can remember.. long dramatic poems can work well.. Good luck.. your on your own.. try incoherent gibberish.. that might bamboozle them, long enough to urinate without pain..

The imminent unknown; is not very nice, but I am afraid if you want to save those you love.. you must let them kill you, for staying alive is not the best option.. 

Pain and Paradise have so much in Common.. indeed one leads to the other in most cases; both require great sacrifice.. Both are Bigger than Mountains.. getting to the top of either may kill you anyway.. Success; much like Beauty; can be as much a Curse, as any hidden Blessing.. wot appears perfect; always has a floor... every usurper has an assassin.. every King is despised by languishing paupers...

those who seek it and those "who it is delivered upon" are both as expectant of what is surely to come... in it's eventual outcome... the peak of both though diametrically opposed, in their very inversion have the same Autonomic response.. via the Hypothalamus whose same communication network can either kill you; or considerably sustain your expectancy to continue... 

one mans pain is another mans pleasure.. and another mans pleasure; is to inflict that pain.. (irony ad infinitude) with great pleasure.. what is pleasure than the toleration of stretched skin.. Sexual intercourse is a good example of this mystifying Paradigm (AHEM)

Cruelty; is the final and the lowest unwanted part of Human nature, that is Unlearn-able with Empathy.. in an imagined sweet Unity.. but that is for silly emotional fairy stories.. (leave it to Walt, to tell those fantasy's, for innocent kid's to believe in...

the best; turn from bad to Good.. but the Good always remain mediocre.. as they have no "break through moment".. they dont grow and strive, they just stay alive.. like cowardly maggots eating the offal of society.. in nooks cranny's and veiled hideyholes..

ironically, if you tell the truth you nearly always Die.. but if you lie well, you will leave room for doubt... which leads to more torture... so if your a Masochist always lie... if you try to be good you are bound to die...

Remember Bradley Manning.. 35 year sentence.. for exercising His Conscience... and Lee Harvey Oswald, a true Hero of the American people.. who was the nations Patsy; the Fall Guy for the CIA's Murder of JFK.. the most corrupt duplicitous country on all Earth.. where almost everybody has a Gun, every third person is a Psychopath.. and every 11th Cop is a Murderer..

Much as I love THE MYTH.. I wouldn't send my dirty underwear to Amerika, nowhere is safe there, while thieving Mongrel Scum pick at the discharging butt crack on the rotting corpse of society.. a land of stealing, cheats and rapists not to mention an ocean of Murderers.. 2.5 million incarcerated prisoners.. even the so-called Christians are armed militants in in battledress who marry 13 yr old girls in secret.. and carry a .45 to Church with their Bible..

The best thing America Does well; is tell lies, HIDE THE TRUTH; and start Wars.. Hollywood is the only trustworthy Industry, which is a market itself based on made up stories.. fiction and well told detailed lies... who makes Demi-gods out of Whores and Gigolos; and gives them millions to enjoy the american dream of total excess and pleasure into Oblivion.. while others starve for a spoonful of soup..

Set Bradley Free.. and get back a little humanity.. which you are devoid of at present.. always too ready to read headlines and jump on the bandwagon of Blame, always too ready to lynch without a trial, or Mercy.. the best Americans are all dead.. only a plastic veneer replaces the heart and soul, blood toil and guts that made it a Marvel of Mankind.. and a contender for heaven on Earth.. Now it is a diseased sham of the runt it used to be... but Hey, glory is on it's way..

Have no Fears President Trump will make you jump through a hoop of fire like trained Circus Dogs, with false idols and God's... into Sodom and Gomorrah... He will instigate Eugenics in a Veiled deception with incentive.. 

You get a Min of $5000 to be sterilised.. a lot O crack heads and people who want a new second hand car will jump at it!.. and it will work believe me.. money is the God of Capitalism...

If you already had 4 Kids $5000
If you already had 3 Kids $7500
If you already had 2 Kids $10,000
If you already had 1 Kids $15,000

if your Latino or any new immigrant, and have not any Kids, $50,000, Hey you can always adopt..

If your Muslim and have no kids, $25,000 Dollars, coz yours are the Kids we want least.. just think if you had 4 Ugly daughters, you could get a cool $100,000 to build an extension on your House...

= Money is the ultimate Mind control and you dont even need to be Hypnotised... or beheaded... 

12th Edit:

as always great and deserved thanks to spellchecker for making Me; seem less like the turd; who would be a nerd...

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