Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The other life..

Which life do you live in.. to one you wake up to.. or the other in which you sleep to dream.. or do you wait for the afterlife, where everything is a smithereen of a 40x40 look back to better times.. in between haunting the living..

whichever life you choose, is the one you lose... so always put your stack on black... until all you have left are fond memories.. of Mammaires you have sucked upon... the bitter milk of a teenagers Tit's.. and the Clits you have licked, but worst of all; those you will never chance to Dance with.....

the final fall of the Libido is the opening ceremony for the souls Olympic parade on its way to the crematorium.. Death is always Imminent, it's been a promise since Birth.. it's the path of a fool who wastes time on Earth... only a Good Book, or detailed Idea lasts longer than a Body..

but bad ones live longer than sin itself.. the War between Greed and dogma.. is a trigonometric parallax that cannot be circumvented directly.. by reason alone.. they never touch but always conflict: even though the distances are immense... no accurate measurement can ever be exact... at the moment of "The Act"... (i.e. the position of an Atoms Nucleus, at any given moment in the dimension of "this" time alone;)

Love is a Cannibal; that eats you from inside... the only solution is a Glorious Noble suicide... but; take some other sucker with you when you go!..

if only Walt Disney had run for President... it would be a better World today..

Long live Bambi... Xx

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