Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Brand New Drug..

Hey Listen up.. if you like life, and like feeling nice.. Dont smoke 'SPICE'.. coz it can be very freaky and frightening..

Didn't think this was possible.. just a lame myth about a substance that was as dangerous as Smack, (Coz shes equal to any; Heroine = Brown,) Crystal Meth-o'lated spirits in crispy lumps, (Crack Amphetamine; whatever..) PCP; (very laconic and slowly..) 'Whatever'..

wot is it? a multiplicity of vast diversités... an amalgam of several catalytic constituents, a mixing and amelioration made into a liquid spray.. which you just spray onto tobacco... 

2 mg = 1 ounce of best ever Marijuana.. but; the High to volume 'COST RATIO' is off the scale.. a £20 bag equals a month of enjoyment.. as opposed to £250 per month in a 28mg bag of buds... best of all it is estimated to be x100 stronger than natural skunk, however well grown and cultivated.. but it is also Lethal in even moderate amounts..

that's what makes it so powerful and addictive..) made in dear old China, by money men who want to make a lot of Money... who can blame them.. it's never been a War crime to experiment with peoples minds.. but you really should do a little research before you do; What I did Yesterday..

Let me be your BIG BROTHER who cares enough to help you!.. you bunch of fools..

It's like finding FREE MONEY!... or time travel back to 1967 when Pot got popular... which then was just £12 an ounce... = a month of happiness.. which today has ballooned into £250 an ounce... for best skunk... also = 1 Month... yes that's how long I have been smokin the proverbial "weed'.. so I took a foolish chance

But I took three draws on this joint, and nearly called an Ambulance, it was like an intravenous hit from a needle.. filled with class A super pure, overdose ready deadly poison.. my eyesight went into a fish-eye lens like I was a goldfish in a very small jar.. it was like the first few times I ever smoked Pot.. control was taken from me.. and everything seemed like an Eco, a world of distant Eco's..  Even movement was delayed in staggering steps.. and I almost got totally freaked out..

the thing about being on the verge of freaking out.. is not to let the fear win.. (which can be applied to many situations) Learnt over decades of doing strong drugs.. accidentally; once in a while.. that's how people die.. you start to think, Hey I dont need to breathe; I can go without it, it's too much effort anyway.. then an angel comes in to help you.. and you command your trans pyloric plain to respond.. and with an intake of breath that seems to take forever; you are raised from the impending death you were so close to achieving..

So I looked down at my Baby Boo.. she always just lets me do my thing when I am with My human Dog friends.. She just waits patiently and faithfully, until its time to go.. (not Her usual Behaviour when we are alone, she is constantly on the move and exploring, and wanting cuddles, and the like...) So; in my, Stupor; I said out loud!.. 

"Boo is very intelligent and understands piles of English phrases''... "Oh?.. said Andy".. Yeah; said I... both of us; He more than I; stoned beyond salvation or any peace of mind/soul... I only took 3 puffs and I was OOO (out of Order) but he had; had, 2 lite bottles of 12% Red wine plus 11 Cans of super Lager... and 10 x 10mg Valiums.... yeah he is a Junkie a pill head and the only time he gets high is when He Overdoses.. about 3 times a week... Plus He was smokin this stuff like regular Joints.. He is a Miricle of nature, the amount of Drugs he takes.. He should have died a dozen times.. but he is the only "true" friend I have got in the Human race.. more like a Brother than any real brother...

thats when magic happened, I said under my breath, "Boo Give me a cuddle .. I need one right now"... coz I was seconds away from calling an Ambulance (my namesake Vehicle) and was ready to either collapse or freak out badly...

then Boo gets up on my Knee.. in her usual way which is so gentle and charming, then the dynamic Skeletal Geo-metrics.. of our
interlocking Skulls, though different Species altogether... fits perfectly within one another.. eyebrows noses and mussels all unified in a "perfect fit".. an embrace outshining any Kiss.. beyond mere Bliss, into a pathological symbiosis of "oneness" inter special equal togetherness.. a Love so powerful and natural, I doubt many of you could ever imagine, know, or assimilate to.. The greatest love is "Animal Love.." which of course has many interpretations.. (stop listening to the voices..) hear the Voice within.. 

Her spontaneous reaction to my humble request, resulting in a gift of sweet pure affection and love.. cut through the bad experience and brought me back to reality... Thank's to God for My Baby Boo.. a true soul will always save you...

no man is better than you!.. if you believe you are better than him.. then you are definitely inférieur.. yet we are barely equal to a wild beast, or even domesticated Pet.. Who can bring you back from the threshold of hell.. like She did.. with the Pure truth of genuine Love..

dont even try SPICE, because it is extremely powerful, and not very nice... I dont use words recklessly; please consider my Warning..

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