Wednesday, 15 June 2016

No Win; No Fee;

A Lottery Ticket is a small Tax, on an enormous dream.. a passport to dream; when you have one or two; and the balls are still rolling... your as optimistic as the winner.. until the latent impossibility hits; and you lose again.. forever missing a train.. "The Orient Express"... and trips to faraway places... like the Great Wall.. or go shopping in NY, or Rodeo Drive.. in L.A. with no worries if you can pay..

Money gives you freedom to go where you please.. to help who you choose.. and giving back is a great part of it... to have the power to help folk.. and I have a long big list of deserving peoples... to tell.. Yes; you can have your dream, coz I got mine.. and am happy to share it with you..

Money is the All area's Pass, it can buy a respite from misery.. for a Ride or two.. a moment, a distraction from fatality..

Everybody wins when you give..

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