Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Love, Food and Fun..

All any lost Dog seeks; is another to share it's play with another who plays the same way.. to revel in fun, sun, and play..

Give your soul a chance to live to it's fullest, find an Animal for a friend.. and you will never know a greater love.. Humans are vermin compared to the selflessness of a devoted pet.. who risks life to save you.. in several many ways..

to forsake it's Brothers and Sisters, Mum and Dad; albeit "forcibly" against it's owns wants and needs.. and to plant it in a place where cruel kids and neglectful owners feed it the cheapest DRY food.. where it is often in degrees of pain; need; and discomfort..

for once in your selfish life of consumption, give a life; to a lifesaving friend.. who wont run off with a younger keeper; a fornicating sleeper who only begets misery.. and loss.. a faithfulness, and devotion no price can pay to get.. that you will find in a Pet.. 

No soul; or heart; is as pure; as the naturally "born innocent".. where an owner can deliberately turn it into a Killer; or a Saviour.. there is greater humanity in a wild Animal.. than is guaranteed by civilised behaviour alone.. even god can dwell in the skull of a monster..

there is no ratio of wildness to badness.. all is a natural Act: only People bastardise their own instincts, and change the rules of the just; to suit their criminality... into the hellish mindless delineations of arbitrary rules and nonsense Dogma.. 

if you want to be Real.. You need emotions to feel.. or you're a Homunculus.. i.e. muscle actions without forethought or reason to begin.. a soft touch.. into a punch:

 Do it..

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