Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Silent scream

Another Atrocity by the Religion of Peace.. 'Edvard Munch' says it all..

Make no mistake, Islam is the enemy.. and they are winning the war of Fear and distrust on the innocent.. it's our totalitarianism versus Their totalitarianism.. trouble is.. "We dont have one"... ironically because we are too civilised to condone it...

Just think how the Nazis would deal with it.. it barely needs imagining.. but just you wait.. things are fluid and nobody can predict the Blood Spatter.. that is stirred to flashpoint in vengeance to evil.. Evil itself is borne from the loins of a Whore (Europe)... who has been raped to breaking point.. and will take no more...

However let's not ignore, a good Groove.. life goes on, Death is always "about to happen".. so relax.. it's a no Brainer..

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