Friday, 18 March 2016

The face is a Mask..

As if you needed reminding.. it is the face you were born with or one you choose to wear.. all of life is Acting... but your face is a blessing and a curse.. when you seek spiritual intimacy face to face... all the other "Actors are acting too much to be believed anymore.." they want to hide in anonymity''.. where is the source of real Beauty?... where is the centre of a person? what is the essence of the "Beloved"..

Can it be cut by a surgeon?... or pumped up with botox.. liposucked fat from your Derriere.. Who the fuck are You?!..

are you a Painted face with a suggestive twitching inference of limitless erotic dysfunction... or a hungry soul who needs "Meaning and significance" in your Mortgage Rat play-wheel of suspended imaginary "Retirement".. a future.. you cannot possibly put off the moment of now.. dont forget to pay for your own funeral... as if..

and to share it with a voice in the dark over the phone; calling the Samaritans; can be the closest you ever got to living a living life.. Connections immortal immoral and infinite can occur when you least expect or accept them...

= so we are all in a state of infinite Audition for the part of playing "You".. those long lines of hopefuls, who dont have a hope in hell yet.. it was an exciting day out in the Big City of so many hidden sins.. and small alleyways.. where people end up sleeping off the drink... by the warm winds from the Underground..

fun can set you free: stop worrying about dying and begin to live, only a fool wastes time in paradise...

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