Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Getting Tattooed..

Yes.. I'm Getting Tattooed.. well not immediately, or even in the near future actually.. I dont have any so far.. just had a sudden impulse to get one that said it all in a unique place..

no not there!.. (who the hell would ever see it?) No; on the crown of my head; so when I am standing in a queue at the market, the person behind me will have something to read... and maybe smile about... '~*

These are my choices, either 1 solitary or a few, (like you get on a computer to show it's components)

either one of them 2, or.. more I'm undecided.. you get the idea.. previously I thought only Idiots got tattoos, well I better join the club; seeing as I am one.. also; maybe a 9 digit number on the inside of my forearm, like the ones Jews had in Auschwitz...  as a memorial to their suffering:


then there is always...

Nothing says it like a Swastika.. for sheer impact: problem is, I am very fond of Jews.. My best friend is a Jew.. not mentioning any names..
Wow; the power of an old School Icon... everything associated with it and about it in one small image..

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