Friday, 5 February 2016

Software of the Soul

Human intelligence.. (ha ha ha) can be directly compared to and associated with "Software" though; it is not exactly downloaded; or read at an unbelievably fast and organised rate.. approaching perfect... with debugging and the magical observance to a simple law of "on of off"... you get digital sincerity.. Humans are opportunist Fuck Mutations..

0 or 1.. or if you prefer equality.. 1 or 0:  if you can copy the algorithm that changes the temperature of Your "American style" Fridge here in Europe, direct by a phone app...

then; you can store an active matrix contained within a "field of coherence =  a thought formed by the magnetic neuro electro chemical reactions in a living Brain.. as observed and scientifically substantiated with terabytes of available evidence.. with many a dozen examples of living actuality to illustrate my post mortem postulation... that the Great Philosopher ''René Descartes'' (My favorite Frenchman: btw:) would love!..

We are an organic imperfect form of a digital driven multiprocessor.. via.. midbrain; low brain; high brain; PRIMITIVE brain; autonomous brain?.. Yawn.. form of randomly driven active mobile resource of sight strength, adaptable raw intelligence.. ect.. we are the living experiment of life made to think it might just be possible to.. think.. alone in isolation for itself, and to survive.. by the updated software of previous versions in "Beta"..

Blood/Oil.. Brains/Microprocessors/chips/implants.. BUT with a Human organic computer/brain there are vast and diverse tribes of variation..

What drives the worst Digital viruses? Greed and hate is no:1... now tell me I am wasting my time.. telling You; that you are actually a digitally driven organism?.. how soon do I Fuck off after that kind of statement, how quick are the Solemn fears you defer from addressing.. the Truth is Physiological 'dynamic polarised magnetism'.. (as witnessed in the brains of all higher mammals)

all the virtues a clean microprocessor needs to function.. "are you getting this yet" you are not just a machine.. you are more.. and have access to a Nirvana, you cannot presently imagine.. the action of a single thought has significance and determines your ultimate fate.. 'thought in turn manifests reality'... a metaphysical prerequisite of creation itself.. = previsualization in it's raw form.... then copied into existence from the blueprint of an organised idea..

hear the Voice in the Desert.. that burns like a tree too bright to see..

When your Heart is Heavy and you Burdens are Many.. press the RESET BUTTON IN THE CERVIX OF YOUR MIND!:

You are already Dead; but still have the chance to change your future in retrospect of variable mind/time dimension universe.. all time is only one time.. the future and the past coexist in an eternal now.., only a decaying body thinks the unbelieveable is TRUE.. well the truth is...

even that is a SCAM... You just Die Goddam.. only a Good Soul thrives after cremation... in Gods own Nation.. it's not us or them..

it is Unified acclimatised saturation... that will pave the way to make a new and Glorious Today.. tommorow...

The United States of All equals and fair treatment to any lost soul.. This Promised Land is ''Your land and it is My land'' But I am Banned for having a left hand: and driving Drunk... and am unable to gain entry for life.. not that I am particularly keen on going..

Truth is it's true; sorry...

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