Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Yesterday is here:

wherever you are is here; here is where we meet: in a lush cuckooland.. off the wall, at right angles to meet a need to survive another day of quashed expectations dashed on the cliffs.. waiting for time to "take us".. and wash us into the river..

Empty lives filled with impossible Dreams.. no-one is immune to the Blues.. how the mighty are slain, and the minions, fed to the flames..

'Always try to keep it Light'... You are light .. be Bright... a mind can do what muscles cannot affect.. an imagination truly developed is the mirror of the Universe in it's limitlessness.. there is nowhere that your thoughts dont reach.. to unite tendrils of love via heaven above..

The Whole World and the Universe was made just to convince You: ''you are nothing''... when in fact.. it was all made for; and only for You..

The very definition of 'solipsism'... the only thing you can ever be sure of; is... ''Your own Mind''..? Oh Yeah?... who the fuck has a mind as sure as that..?.. = a well maintained machine.. with "no moving parts" the liaison of Physical strength with an Emotional Heart.. the symbiotic sympatico of empathy.. over entropy... out of chaos comes order

Tomorrow cannot be borne for sometime... gonna take a break.. got a wonderful headache.. whatever.. need a rest.. C'ya.. I have habits to take.. and stains to make...

Feb 5th or Sep 3rd in San Fran: will let you know the best time ahead of time.. b4 it's all gone South... I got My Baby Boo.. to cling to.. She is a Sister to Anima Mundi.... her previous life was as a hindi.. and only prays on sunday..

a Homeopathic Junkie... with the one Key.. to open the Door beyond me.. to be truly, and finally free.. from the living purgatory of doubt, to howl like a wolf and shout; the Devil away...

I thank God for each moment of Bliss.. in any day; I have many.. and that peace.. costs nothing except that you surrender all mortal acquisitions.. requires no liquids exchanged.. no strange behaviour.. just the freedom to relax without limit... and yet commune with a place that needs no Face: when you can't find a Heroine to adore.. try Heroin just once more.. this time you wont be sick.. I promise..

Disembodied Voices from far away; are the ones that get closer through the phone when you feel alone...

For that which I am about to do.. must be a secret to You.. May you never know or ever see; what doing nothing did cost me..

I died today.. but nobody noticed... it was a rehearsal for tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow... each day is a Death; without Love.. lol.. :)

Those who dont take part in living a life.. will recklessly find a secluded path of solitary strife... Duhh..


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