Saturday, 23 January 2016

STOP PRESS 34-74-3

Just wanted to Send Love even if I dont have anything else to say.. hold on for some, Radical.. output.. the Sprit is with me... have no fear or doubt..

I will be back, (don't worry that's not a euphemism to suicide ~ as if?)

Never felt so A L I V E...

Praise God/Microsoft/Google/Jesus/all/is/one.... +

Sorry Danielle, I was possessed and dindt mean to Hurt your feelings, Honey.. please understand.. Your an American, You were born to understand..!

Who the Fuck Can if You cant?

Just out of paranoid interest. I wondered why and what the random numbers I put in after the Title might possibly have a meaning?.. coz I didn't plan them: I promise + cross my Heart:

Guess What!... 


"RGB value is (34,74,3). Sum of RGB (Red+Green+Blue) = 34+74+3=111 ..."

Father son and Holy ghost; get it?.. I had no Idea those numbers equated to that: Of course I could be Lying; but that is the inversion of what this Whole Blog is about.. not sure if I understand anything "absolutely; but who can/does/cares?"..

but; it feels now so significant; as transferred into Emotions.. which is How I see the World... as an Autistic Misfit..

That is what I am: 

organised random chaos through a Human filter, with a new found reservoir of sanguine acquiescence to lessen the bitter taste of Death.. which is the illusion of "transmogrification" you fools..

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