Tuesday, 12 January 2016

I saw a sadness upon your face..

I saw a sadness upon your face.. and wanted to stop it; there and then.. you try to keep it concealed but I could see it... and I wanted to touch you then, by hand by embrace by jokes and spirited madness...

it was that latent sadness that drew me to you... as I believe what I saw.. and if I could I would chill you and thrill you; blow your mind and be nothing but kind and meaningful in every gesture and communication, when in your presence or forever apart.. even in isolation and away from You, to remain forever true;

all I want to do is soothe Your Heart.. with endless secrets and tales to amaze you.. to be in and out of phase with you.. and to synchronise by thinking of your eyes.. the deepest mysteries of the Universe are found there.. a glimpse of all creation and eternity is your visible spirit in human form..

Yes (the Lady of the blog) 
She is still alive; long may She thrive..

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