Saturday, 9 January 2016

Biblical Deluge

I am soaked to the bone, almost flooded out of Home.. everything is either damp wet or soaking.. Strong winds and torrents of heavy rain are drowning all and everything that lives moves and thrives.. it is "end of the World weather"...

all that dreamy wistful thinking and romantic double choc sundae has been shat down the Crapper... for the temporary emotional lesion it was, it scabbed up; and I picked it off... crust by crust.. its raw and sore but who gives a fuck.. 

roll on the Holocaust... it's been a long time coming.. We are all going to be wiped out like the bacterial vermin we have become... we have lost all sight of reason tolerance and cultural integration.. it's time for a judgement on all.. so be it the fall of all the human race.. you tripped you fell; right onto your face...

Rot in Hell the lot of You... I'd rather die with the Bad than live with the so-called Good.. they are the most corrupt of all!..

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