Saturday, 5 December 2015

the Devoted Gun:

There is EVERY CHANCE that the following GUN may have already be invented: I DON'T CARE take this Idea; from it's simplest form as here expressed in a Bums Blog;

take a Regular Magnum.45: alter and modify in the following simplistic description: make a Pal4life Gun:

Using electromagnetic Circuitry have the firing mechanism only accessible by a tiny ID chip like they use in Dogs, to track them?... obviously Highly modified; so that: this new Magnum Now carries an electro ID only permission to fire? within very close proximity just 2' inches of the Owner's Hand; as the implant NEEDED to empower this Gun is right between the Thumb and index finger with an extremely short actuation distance, when you buy it You get Married to it!... a faithful device, a Devoted protector, with GPS and; auto dial 911 code sent via txt.. etc..

a LONG LIFE BATTERY is a certain must... other users can be added, i.e. Family members Troupes or Single UNIQUE individuals; essentially it is unusable will not Cock, will not fire; unless the owner is holding it in (their hand of Choice) and could be boobytrapped to explode by attempted use of the most loathsome of persons... the Unauthorised... like a Bently Start Button?..

Build Guns to Kill Killers - not the innocent.. in 200 years nobody will be able to kill anyone, just themselves... which ain't so bad... in conclusion?

anyone with an IQ of 81 (like me) could build this with ALOTA technical help... SO MAKE IT... keep the fucking copyright.. I donate it to all saved Humanity... that by this LOVE-GUN.. the ''DEVOTED GUN" to it's owner/s and nobody else can risk pulling the trigger.. will not just kill ANYONE.. it will actually kill the opportunistic killer... how Ironic is that?...

GET IT.. fools?... Make the infinitely adulterable; permanently unadulterated: NOW.. We have the Science and the understanding to Make it.. all we need is an investor to sequester it's first incarnation.. from a moron to a Saint in one shot.. '~'

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