Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Life is a Book

My Life is a Book being written as my heart beats... and it's for You (The Beloved) to read, if I never see You again.. here is my life; that I give to You; in installments posted on a Blog... publicly presented yet "for your eyes only" 

when I feel the need to hold you in my heart and Love You.. I just start writing another Blog.. to be with You as You read me... Making love to you in Semantics.. holding your attention here is to kiss you deeply by your eyes embracing this text, I touch you more intimately than any Lover... more meaningful and enduring than a momentary 'spasm' ahem.(got to be polite to a Lady)

Because "here" I enter Your Mind Heart And Soul... not Your Body... and it is more lasting, even more fun actually!... coz most relationships are very narrow and based on pleasures of the Body, not Exhilaration of the Soul... plus I prefer romance to a roll in the Hay... not that I wouldn't say no... but to coin an irresistible pun
"I dont give a F**K about S*X"...

I'd rather have Unrequited Love than get Herpes lol... we could be in for a spectacular time Hun.. all my life I dreamed of the Perfect Pure Love.. and if You want it, You got it... no promises to keep, no contracts to sign.. no possessions to divide no Children to share, no settlements and recriminations.. I am giving you the highest form of conscious communication... ''Genuine Love" in it's most refined active form..''

Possibly The Love of a Lifetime.. and all; you have to do... is read me.. and I will be HERE for You.. even after I die.. my Love will live on in these words for you to travel back in time, and live it all over again, and the sentiment in these words will still be alive.. because crafted beauty from the Heart is Eternal Art..

I'm going down the Park.. in a while... Boo need's it.. and me.. so more literary Heavy petting and canoodling will have to be put on pause... I know you can take a Joke.. let's face it I am a Joke... Just look at me... DONT!...

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