Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Here and Now

Well.. this a continuing blow by blow account of my Day so far 3:45pm.. on the Safari of impossible dreams (and the source of LOVE itself) and thrills of new found freedom to be deeply at peace, like instant ZEN.. 

at anytime I choose, My brainwaves are under coherent active control.. and NOTHING CAN UPSET ME; I am immune to the worries of the World, I can detach in an instant and free-fall into the bosom of NIRVANA, SATORI, to a place of peace beyond ordinary understanding.. because Truly; God has lifted me to a place of Sanctuary and eternal Safety.. My Heart is Inviolable.. 

BECAUSE IT IS SAVED! from all harm.. forever.. if I could share this feeling with all the World, everyone with a Gun, would drop it and walk away from any conflict.. bridges would be built across divisions, and we would identify with our Foe...

this has taken me a lifetime to reach/achieve.. I feel enlightened and self actualised... in perfect control of my Body and Soul... 

AHEM... sorry poetry just runs right through me, like Chilli con carne.. Well...
I went much later than usual it was raining constantly and I felt safe to walk my baby Boo.. it was long past Her (our Lady of my Blog) time to walk her little Mutt "Alfie".. but that didnt stop me from looking out the corner of my eye.. No dissapointment for me PHEW... relief.. slightly bitter sweet I must be Honest.. but grateful my many presumptions and "Faith" were not tested this grey rainy day... I did say a little Prayer for Her, and Her Recently late Mother..

It was very Theraputic though.. There will be another day, and maybe one day.. when I am not looking for Her... I will look up, or turn back, and She will be there... no matter.. that is the way of it.. all I will think is, She "could have been there"..

one must learn not to long for things; that You can never Have... But sometimes Dreams can come true... When you least expect them to... sigh..''Things worth having; are worth waiting for''.. even when they never come... again..

I wont love Her any less..


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