Sunday, 22 November 2015

Life of a Pig..

The life of an Organically fed and humanely well maintained Pig is sheer Bliss.. there's plenty of food, and lots of satisfying sex... "You'll never stop Coming on the Pig Farm Mr Oink.. Good shitting and no baby sitting... slobber fart and shit, grunt; when you have the energy..

fuck em all, and the Piglets.. have your fill of life's pleasures... Burp deeply on you last meal.. because, they didn't feed you yesterday? did They?...

No.. Ney; indeed... and; ''why am I on this noisy vehicle without water... I am thirsty.. where is the Water.. where is the comforts of Home.. where is my Whore Pig Bitch's, if I cant drink I wont say no to a quick hard fuck..''

Hard luck, no more Hard on's for You, Next hole it goes into is some Asian Mouth after being DEEP FRIED  in garlic.. Yo ass is about to Bleed.. no more feed as you go Hungry to your Slaughter.. thirsty as they Behead You, Pissing and Shitting Violently as your; fast fading last realisation; is that you are Being Killed!!.. slaughtered for "anothers pleasure"..

Worst of all they enjoy it, the greatest last Act's in Shakespeare.. "Death" (Memento Mori) Wow its so horrible/fun (depending whether you are the OBSERVER or the OBSERVED), the small trusting loving lamb looks at the blunt knifed Killer with Trust.. not to mention the "same knife" for the tribal mutilation of an underage Girls Labia and Clitorus ripped off and burnt in the flames of ignorance... as the older women Laugh!.. 

the Fish is starved of air, and no less mercilessly, feeling-lessly gutted like a thief ripping open a Child's Pencil Box... or underage vagina.. then raped tortured and murdered like a used Kleenex thrown away without conscience.. beware the loudspeakers from the Mosk.. always disturbing your sleep.. and denying you everything that is 'Natural'.. the love of Death? is the last Perversion of all.. Hello?.. anyone there...?

Ignorance is Bliss... enjoy the hour, the moment; the second; you last see the thing you treasure most in all this life as you slip into the abyss of fearful oblivion... dont rage against the light like a Wanking Welsh fornicating fick wit and Coward, ''give in and let it go..'' or..

Show ISIS they ''cant stop the Music''.. and tell all the Rockers... dont ever be afraid TO PARTY ! we love our pleasure too much.. to submit to your Hypocritical Heretical Hypothesis of Hades... 

if you went out more and made friends with us, you'd soon realise, ''we are nicer then you''.. stop trying to kill us and emulate our culture, come out the closet and admit.. You love Disney too... we will teach you how to be still crazy, but much more Civilised when it comes to unnecessary Death Quota's.. i.e. we have way less Nasty people than You do.. you are all Nasty, idiot Rebels without a good cause.. your Sweat and toil is wasted...

The west will never invite you to Dinner... or weekends in the Country... Your reputation is frankly, dont be too hurt, but, ''Persona non Grata".. Buy a suit.. get a haircut.. get that beard off, nice Girls dont like Men with faces like a bears asshole.. and try to smile... you might make a more significant impression... until then, if you wouldn't mind.. please pass; and expire, subsist and relent.. and then Repent.. then when you are "truly sorry" we may work something out...

Coz nobody likes You, even your own friends pretend to like you.. coz they are scared you will kill em.. coz.. "You cant take the truth or A JOKE! You witless sullen sons of slaves.." it's to difficult for you, you were born BACKWARD AND YOU STAYED THAT WAY.. relax shoot some drugs; instead of people.. please dont kill anyone today.. as a favor?

Hey.. get real.. listen to your Heart.. '~' 
and come home to Jesus Christ.. 
the Real ''Walt Disney''.. 
friend of every lonely Child.. who gives 
''Everything for NOTHING''

not Nothing for Nothing...
not slavery for eternal misery..
''Room to grow and evolve'' 
not be restricted crushed from expanding, 
the vast Tree of Humankind must have a Forest of it's own... the transmigration of species is slow; the Forester must be vigilant, to keep disease free wonderlands of cross bred potentiality, 

Islam is ''the Antimatter of REASON!''
What happens when opposites Touch?

They die in a Kiss; sacrificing all Bliss:
"like fire and Gunpowder, as they Kiss consume"*
(Shakespeare: Romeo et Juliette)*

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