Saturday, 14 November 2015

Indoctrinated Dumb Bombs

There is no more effective weapon in the History of Warfare, than a soldier prepared to die willingly; happily even.. in the furtherment of a cause/reason.. a human Being is the most advanced selective semi/intelligent payload Delivery mechanism ever in the arsenal of infiltration by assimilation..

Consider and remember (cold War) sleepers.. generational infiltration by just "breeding" oops; that sounds a bit like the smooth end of totalitarianism's penus entering an unwilling rape victim..

remember the Trojan (Horse) was actually a Mare.. (a Female always carries more guile; and more room with a Womb?)

It's amazing... until they can read your mind and Soul in an Airport "Scanner" there is no possible way to detect "evil intent" forget Crude Cruise Missiles, Bodies are Miles better.. 

just 8 Men made Paris quake.. 8 'Automatons' (which is exactly what they can be assuredly defined as/by) but hold on; there are hundred's more... still Zzz sleeping... 

waiting for a TXT from HQ-Holy Qatar ''where the endless Hatred emanates from'' with that old favorite Hypnotic "phrase" (Allahu Akbar) from a fixer/handler/Wrangler's smartphone.. and like servos actuators, on a remote controlled toy, they will awaken and destroy.. Awaken and Deploy..

an Indoctrinated de-humanised Human = "the smartest Dumb Bomb there ever was..'' this is a War between the Ignorant and spiritually backward v the civilised and intelligent.. Science fact v dogma.. yet they use OUR Science to kill; which contradicts all their otherwise supposedly "peaceful teachings of a Most merciful arbiter of intransigent Sharia Justice.. 

it's a summer camp for Psychopaths.. justified in their blood lust by the Controlling ramblings of an illiterate rapist and Murderer who dictated the Koran as; He was illiterate.. named "Mad Mo" otherwise known as Mohammed.. 

they are no more than highly intelligent TRAINED ANIMALS = automatons!) and mindlessly they will do their distant bidding.. how do you crack/hack the network? end the Madrassas?.. which is a major part of the very start of the whole Rot that amounts to this pile of trash...

It's Time for the REAL Big Brother, No; More; we dont just need CCTV we need "Remote controlled gun Pods at strategic places around modern towns.. like the "Apache Gun Pod with exploding rounds" also with FLAIR vision, this way we could get immediately to a Car cruising with armed men doing drive by shootings..''

Fuck I give up.. and am as frustrated and filled with Hot Blood and the anger of terminal revenge.. as most of the civilised free World... trouble is; our civilisation has become numb with comfort and luxury, weak; too tolerant and vulnerable, they kill us with the very kindness we gave them.. in Freedom.. nothing is more painful than ingratitude.. when a once starving refugee stabs you in the heart, to steal your life and our future..

The only way we can evolve and proliferate a better form of human, is to control Conception by LAW: Eugenics may sound a bit nasty.. but be Honest.. where can you hope to make a Better future humanity, except by evaluation legislation, and genetic unification towards a more Egalitarian universal and truly Humanitarian World society..

where the only Evils.. are imagined... and always Aborted!...

I have several Paragraphs in Paste ready to put here.. but a Need to omit objectionable content has been observed; as Mercy is as powerful as a Gun when inverted/converted into Love: who can pull a trigger when Love fills your heart? Who need a Gun when You "love your enemy".. how do you love an enemy that knows not; of Love?..

where is tomorrow, without it?..

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