Friday, 28 August 2015

Adoration of the Magi

this was a Post Script in a couple of Blogs back; I was scared people would dislike it; but on reflection.. I don't care . . . it's not wrong to love someone.. anyone.. whatever age.. for whatever reason... love is a gift a wonderful force; however you get to reach and/or feel it.. OK?
"as if you gave a fuck in the first place..."

"Thought I would share a personal expression of my Genuine devotion; here in Pictures: I had a Full box of Transparency Film for Ink Jets: and never used them.. 

then I came across this Picture of 'Our Cara' (not literally) which is probably my favorite image this Millennium: so I did multiple prints over first 4 and then 9 A4's and as they stick with Static electricity, I put em on my Bedroom window, and My Front room French door, now You know every word above is the total; and absolute Truth; of My fondness and Affection for Cara is actually REAL... she is with me all day..

when Dawn comes she starts to shine!.. x4 A4's: when the sun goes down she goes out with Taylor and Rihanna...

the front room x9 A4's in a matrix, trimmed and lovingly aligned.. at night the Table lamp illuminates from within; the whole Street can see it... the room's a mess I never expected to upload it.. the right hand side is a Chinese Lantern waiting to be released after Midnight.. (something I like to do now n then) it's much cleaner now.. but cant be bothered to take a picture..  

Now you know: is Idle worship so wicked, seedy and disgusting?.. Nope.. I dont care who laughs at me.. there is no Statute of Limitations on Emotional sentimentality at any age...

your witness... '~' 

this may begin to paint the scenery...

My good Friend and Skype-pal.. we Poet's are all dying to live through words and evoked emotions of another's Beauty.. I apologise to all and any old friends n enemies... I didn't know what I was doing... 


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