Friday, 22 May 2015

Memento Mori:

Memento Mori: = Remember you must die.. "The Moment of Death" is not instant... its a blur that is a lifetime long... and it never actually happens in many aspects, all of life is a playback in a fragmented non linear time, an illusion so convincing you really believe your here alive.. you are just a plaything that the mind of the creator invented to keep it occupied on the long haul through the dark nights of cold eternity..

we are as bubbles, that come into existence then pop... a massive complex simulation of possibilities that gets re-run with slightly different subtle adjustments.. not all people have a "Right to life" but everyone has an appointment with total erasure... which you see as Death.. no; your more like a USB stick that gets used as the vessel to hold information over again, the stick has no sentient awareness, it is just the womb of another large directory.. You are a bursting Bubble in the bathing of a God that washes itself clean from evil... and as such are completely disposable... much like a toothpick or a Tampon..

only the self actualising software of a formula in the DNA structure is really alive, like the virus of "Rabies" it takes over control of certain parts of the brain, and makes you behave "Way out of Character" (i.e. to bite people:) the freedom of will is the amount of choice you choose to turn one or another way at any given point in the simulation.. You are scored.. on failure and success, as the winner and the loser equally, the score is on how well you "acclimatise" to an individual fate.. of many fates..

The truth is You are safer to sleep with silverback Gorillas in the jungle, who you just met.. than to sleep as a tramp on a Bench in the Western World... where the likelihood is that you may well get set on fire by teen Human Rats who like love and persue cruelty, as almost all Young people are dangerously untrustworthy; or Shot by Police with impunity, as you have no appreciable worth, that's worth preserving...

'John Doe' was born to be murdered... Yet the unknown Soldier won the lottery to be remembered, even though there was so little left of him, that's why they dont know who he Is/Was... it does not matter, all are subjects of statistics, whether your a big fat Zero or a One.. no entity escapes the recording of the Creator's mind.. like a "First person Shooter Game" on an XBOX if your losing; Kill yourself off, so you can Try again..

Death is the recycle Bin... where even Loser's Win!... beyond morality and Sin..

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