Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Paranoia often tells you, the Truth...

Paranoia often tells you, the Truth...  but are you savvy no, Have the Guts to enough to see it.. there are two identical states/gates of perception The so called "conscious" and the so called "Unconscious" Mind... several are the levels of "witness" nothing is proven about any.. they are still really just Theories.. is that approximating the truth?

Whoever sees the Experiment is GOG = God Goggled and no doubt Googled if you want be really original.. and cool.. dont make an online identity of your stupid half cooked self.. coz remember Facebook is 4ever fools...

Reality is not necessarily all you are feeling seeing and being... if you dont

~THINK AHEAD~  #a head is wot u think with; question is can you? think#
My Love is Deeper than "The quantum Field" to those who might feel a little less than actually REAL.. thats the biggest joke in matter.. nothing should exist but is fucking does... and its concious.. well almost..

Love is the last thing a Good person feels.. before being Murdered by Heathens and cruel bastards who tear a man's head off and celebrate it..

Love is the first thing a helpless bag of blood and guts called a placenta, from the microcosm comes the Macrocosm.. first feels.. but how often is an abortion still alive.. and feels the hate you inflict, YES HATE did you even ever consider that

You are the most Beautiful thing I have ever looked at.. thank you god for the moment I lived to see You..

You have not lived until you Smoked "Marijuana"  100 times.. lean stinking and dry green the greatest way to "inhale"" the prana the unlocking key to an endless unfolding puzzle.. the riddle of the past present and...

Passing... back to the SLUGLINE in undefinable concious demented states you CAN cross the threshold of ordinary space... emotion and all time and find a singularity that is in the soup beneath the Quantum Mystery... You really are a Child of God... how many different people need to tell you?  Carl Sagan; Jesus; Mohammed; Tom Cruise or Vladimir Putin the Ruler of the Dark force.. (Tom; Vlad is OK with me he does great Barbecues from old enemies)

Use the Force... The Force of dignity charity selflessness and uninamity to declare this whole bloody fucking mess is a crock of Shit and God wont have it much longer unless the "totality absolutely impossible happens.."

and Wal-Mart has 100% Discount... dont worry honey you can still get pregnant through the post... with brute force and quiet determination.. and dry ice is first on yer list... plus insulation..

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