Saturday, 20 December 2014


Must learn more about home made high explosives.. and timed detonators that dont play christmas tunes before they detonate...

Give him a "Rape Kit" for Christmas.. so you can play victim.. and get him out of your life with a secret camera... think of the compensation... thats a lota Mony Mony.. "Here she come now singing Mony Mony..

The longer you take the better it gets... in sex.. the harder you try the more frustrating it becomes.. Libido is like a wild acrobatic Monkey, but has a tendency to miss its grip, and fall to the floor... where the abominable dust mites eat your dead sperm...

it is better to sleep than attempt the impossible Dream...  its better not to be born than be alive and waste a life someone else could have used... Time is a waste of life; eventually.. The illusion of Mortality lives on... yet to be dreamt, in a foetus who was to be God's gift but was aborted... in a bucket of Blood that they used to feed to pigs, when meat was scarce... 

Jesus I sound like Russell Brand.. Dont you just Love him.. more balls than a slaughterhouse.. and just as bloody... all that sex on periods... where your Dick becomes a dip stick, to see how far you went in.. evey Man has seen that blood red tidemark.. its valuable information.. as I could have gone a couple more inches actually...

The latest Pop incarnation of the Humble self educated illiterate he once was.. a man who has a fearless mind, and the eloquence of a Judge pronouncing Death to Wicked Men...  

To be in a Queue is to be You between to E's... only to wait so long you want to Pee.. and get the fuck out of this Supermarket..

Basically I am just a corpse covered in rotting flesh, and you want to make love to me?...  Hey.. we dont need to Fuck if you only want a sperm donation.. just wash your hands and get on with it..

Beauty is a supposition of perfection from a distance.. the closer you get the more detail and discrimination is calculated.. untill Ka-Ching the approval bell rings.. or the "terrible Clacton of Alarm" like in Das Boot... we are sadly programmed to give total acceptance or rejection by how not just a person but a thing looks..

Believe me when I say... the opposite is true, it is not skin deep.. but deeper than the grave.. The Geometrics of of beauty has "Default setting" with enormous generosity of variation.. Yet.. a Sentient being with a warm Heart is all a person is with a mind to know a friend in the darkness.. where only a moment of comfort is just the sound of your breathing as you sleep...

I always remember a bargain, like a long lost lover I found to love again..

Dont Publish this it's NOTES 73 you prick, oh Shit too Late, I have 11,774 unpublished posts of equal absurd random events that end up in lines that can be read... the "RAW CODE" made manifest into a mind somwhere else..

Hello Mind can we make a collective? hey we almost did with internet, but we still need a unified core nucleus to make us one and ascend into the greater whole which is not anyones property but our Domain that cannot be erased.. where we can Live in freedom without fear and conquer Death itself.. Animatronics robotics the very transplant of a whole memory and personality, on to a chip like a sugar Cube..

in the future SUGAR CUBE Memory, in other words 3-dimensional Memory.. 'Chips' are Flat CUBES have dimensions... invented by (guess what Me, all in theory of course)like neuro transmitter sites have multiple other tendrils of connection so a cube of intersecting memory lobes like in the very grains of a REAL SUGAR CUBE, each memory pathway has a differebt frequancy channel, if you multiply the connections a permutations of pathways, you get Giga terabytes, all cross referenced by frequency so it makes the cube almost infinitely utilised! 
I certify That I just saw that in my mind.. am I mentally ill or just an asshole?

Like the American Dream that became a Nightmare.. The land of Somnambulists that cannot wake up..

the Pen does not lesson the Words it writes.. however Cheap or pencil or Quill.. a scratch can be read in the skin of our Soul.. see "Tattoos" and Shakespeare:

One Day.. I want to be in Wikipedia.. AS IF.. Why not? someone may get a twitch of a scratch of a hint of an Idea to run with.. live with and Die For!..

AMEN, I declare Jesus is a Personal Friend..

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