Friday, 19 December 2014

Michael Brown..

Sorry for my abrasive Honesty; But.. Brown was a nasty big fat Bully, Who got shot.. so What.. so did that Stupid Kid of 12.. who should have realised the Danger "He Had created" and should have just (bit his tongue) then put his hands up.. but now all the "good folk" get their cars burnt.. and shops trashed..

it's the sins of their forefathers "Again" that makes the white Man the Bogey man.. all those kids they lynched in the past without any justice.. is still reverberating and any excuse they get to have a street party/riot.. its how the solve problems in Africa.. i'ts the native primal reaction of the deep Negro origin.. to destroy your anger with open violence without forethought.. 

Arabs = Ditto.. same sort of uncivilised roots that they keep reverting to.. mind You the Irish are White Niggers in disguise... so skin colour alone does not delineate a preference necessarily of predictive human behaviour...

I am a Nigger so I can freely use the word that divides sentences in personal description's from the gut.. but there are Niggers and then there are Bad Niggers.. which is almost all of Black Men... its the payback from slavery.. they sould have kept em chained up, because thats what animals deserve...

Yes there are civilised Black People.. but NOT VERY MANY!... they are a race and a breed apart... too close to the Jungle to be Civilised Yet... if ever at all..

America is full of Bad Niggers with Guns.. thats why I never want to Go there... or even lick a stamp to that destination... Niggers and Scummy Latino filth are raping american culture to the very bone...

Michael Brown can go to hell with all his Brothers.. You must be Racist if you want to live in a HUMAN race..

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