Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Killer Idea for a Website service

(Be my Eyes).. yup sounds a bit suspect at first contemplation.. this is a Job for compulsive Voyeurs only... sounds even more despicable, wait this is a genius idea that could make very real money for very real people.... via good old pay-pal and big bro internet, and best of all sitting at home where you usually waste most of your time.. and worthless lazy couch potato life of failure... Yes?

security Video both way watch... they record you watching their Cameras, so they can refuse to pay you when you don't.. you sign up agree to do x amount of hours, you get paid a month in arrears so they can double check your viewing integrity..

you get paid per hour per multiple screen... get paid for watching out for other peoples troubles.. sounds like schadenfreude pays...

I want a cut if this gets taken up as the guy who had the Idea..

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