Saturday, 20 September 2014

What IS the problem

The Civilised World, in a Nutshell; has learnt how to get on with each other right?.. that's what Civilisation is Free trade, unity, cross fertilised understanding by exchange of culture and deeper interaction to gain the best of the crop in our Children...

To Flower like the Fibonacci Fractal we are... to ascend into a far distant one-ness where cohabitation is a universal reality and a pleasure to coexist inter species and international... sure... sounds like a Politician looking for votes.. as Mayor of Utopia..

Very Few Women would ever seek to kill Children for fun, or revenge, except sadly their own Children Ironically... whereas the majority of Child Murders are committed by 99.08% Men a staggering statistic..

Now there is an army of Punks looking for fun with Guns and the free licence to Rape whom they choose, kill who they May.. and steal right through the light of day.. it's not like the Movies, I thought all the bad guys got burned?...

Not any more... if you have a Gun and aim it at somebody, you become the most powerful person in the World to them.. you can see how seductive it all is... the pleasure of being God is too tempting..

Gangster Jihad is such an adventure to a young Psychopath who wants to see/kill the world.. Go for it Kid, you wont know until you try.. the World is your minefield to sew and reap.. How the Hell do you sleep?..

The root of evil is the Thought to do it.. those who resist that temptation are truly Angels, as Only the true Followers of God have Mercy... or at least pay lip service to it... Love is never mentioned in the English translation of the Quoran but Hundreds of times in the Bible... who strives against all provocation to do good?... against all odds... but real Evil has no soul, only the desire for total control...

it's time to get the big guns out.. to defend glorious western Culture, with our Greed lust wickedness and evil intentions... hey "that means.. Were just like those uncivilised Muslims!".. But: only those with the greatest anger and loudest shouting WIN... who's ahead right now?

it's time to lock and load.. and get even.. the time is coming for blood in the streets.. to take back our country from "wild uncontrollable Beasts".. The only message People ever understand is "Pain and Fear" the greatest educator in all history.. we need to be ruled by an Iron hand in a velvet Glove.. who will punish any for denying Love.. Liberty.. and Equality..

Kill hate at source: Stop thinking it: it is a mind cancer that eats you alive and while you sleep... and taints every thought you think... set your spirit free dont be chained by cruelty into doing unkindness.. but dont get soft on the Bastards who want to kill us all and most cruelly as that is their favourite sound... the screams of pain they inflict with such unconscionable ease a killing blow to a small defenceless Christian child... or another ACID attack..

Pinterest try it.. it's visual cornucopia of multiplicity and limitless diversity.. with many a Shock in store.. all free..

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