Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Scottish independence..

Scottish independence is a nonsense... what is to be gained and by whom? Let me tell you, "Nothing and Nobody"... the whole thing is an utter waste of time resources and Money..

You'll need a big chainsaw to cut us apart... it's all subjective mindless and meaningless... but the brain dead Scott's are too arrogant and aggressive not to mention plain stupid to stop this pointless contemplation...

This Money wasted on a 'Mind border' is criminal... they could have spent this rally cry on something more meaningful and substantial.. like a School or a new prison... dum ass-holes are not actually fit to rule themselves... they were all mostly born with brain damage.. Salmond is fat Queer who talks like moron..

they wasted 100m on the parliament building, coz the Mafia built it.. 26 times over budget... most Scot's are Retards that HAVE to be ruled as they are the most talentless race of illegitimate illiterate bastards on the Planet.. next to Muslims.. they always come top of the list...

but how do you reason with a violent drunk.. intent on self harm? leave the Fuckers to it... as the wrong choice will cripple them financially; indefinitely... they dont see the consequences of their foolishness... turn back from the cliff or you will be forced to jump...  into a fire that cannot be extinguished.. by pissing on..

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Rev.v.AME said...

I find this post of yours an utter waste of resources and web space. What is to gain.? Freedom from London Westminster. By whom.? By the Scots.

'You'll need a big chainsaw to cut us apart' ... who's cuttin' what apart.? U.K. is a 'union' and is nothing more than a name, which now doesn't work properly. Wales has spoken up for Scottish Independence and they certainly feel for us. Even Northerners(of England) have been strongly supportin' us. Why.? Because they're sick of England's government fucking all of us.

Of course an imbecile like you do not see this, because you just keep wearin' that shades with a tint of biased media. The lies, and absurd assumptions, speculations the media AND folks like YOU have spewed out to make some of the Scots to say No to independence got washed off by the positive, consistent, and honest Yes campaign.

Keep on sulkin' and grumblin' on 'none of your business', and yet you do nothing about the current Tory government and Westminster that stinks of corruption. Think about how to save England before you speak a word about the neighbours.