Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pubic Kissing

Public.. unwitting typographic that was a happy mistake.. ha like most of us?...

I loathe hate and revile at the sight of stupid young people in love, kissing their faces off... (only stupid young people do that, last time I checked..)

OMG: I would rather watch an Abortion on the street and smell the blood... than see acts of obscene affection offending me as I eat my Super-sub.. I gave it to a beggar even though my spit shined on the Bun with a few small bubbles, he ate it and had a few extra moments of sensual satisfaction.. 

wait a minute.. Eating is like making love aint it?.. ban it all any sensual pleasure must be kept for private "consumption".. dont even Hold hands.. it is a terminal sicken-er to lonely old fucks over 60... who are too tired to even scratch an itch let alone pleasure ourselves, when there is Sooo much Belly in the way..

it is the Skin Curtain that keep you from the feedback of seeing your own genitals... visual emasculation.. 

Please dont shock me with your emotional verbosity.. dont even click "Like" on my many Facebook pages... that really gripes me to the pit.... so stop it!.. the last time I enjoyed Sex was on the Titanic... there is nothing like the fear of Death, to give you a hard on!.... Necrophilia is a fine Hobby.. dont knock it..

Evita "never said no"... many a drunken general had it with Her years after she died.. do your research and vomit...

The truth will make you retort with a sudden grimace... like a Death mask frozen in shock... beware of what you look at, and what you believe to be there... it often isn't.. 

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