Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Gandhi Moments..

Yes Seriously... I had 2 in under 5 mins... Went to the local Drive in Garage cum supermarket.. first some young Punk jumped in front of me at the queue which is like a Food kitchen in the desert for the poor to beg for rice and pots to cook in from the UN.. all the lowly filth of society in a hurry to get there first...

a Peaceful cowardly aquiesssence overcame me... I thought. "am I in a Hurry" not really.. why start a street fight for You Tube... so I relented my rage to not even a dying cigarette ember...

then because I was held up by the Spunky Punk who delayed me... when I finally got back to the car, the Guy Behind mine gave me the middle finger... as I nodded existence while I got in the Car.. again I thought. "I dont mattter at all as long as some people vent their anger I am happy to absorb it...

Why should I care if people hate me... that was the Job Destiny gave me... why should I complain?... God dont mind ... life is more than a few put downs..

when you really finally realise your life and feelings are worthless.. that "I am nothing, therefore am free"... You cant Hurt me... only love hurts.. so dont waste it on yourself... hurt someone else... I refuse to play that game:

people full of Hate will always find a terrible fate... that is "Their Death wish for Humanity".. no one can live in isolation without a Gun in Deepest Alaska...

or a network of hope to get you back to "where you once belonged".. JoJo, Get back.. to Nowhere Man... in a Sauna of Norwegian wood..

Don't look back: its too dangerous to see the past relived.. some memories have fatal consequences... careful What you think... it becomes who you are.. the cells that made you in the past have not survived.. your past is an enigma wrapped in DNA.. to be relived over and over again..

Plus You never really Die... the template of conciousness is too valuable to waste.. Those who dont evolve DEVOLVE into bugs and animals.. or seaweed or cheese.. Life is a lottery..

And the chances are "You didn't win"... Who cares.. even losers get social security... sadly, but you can still have a fine life on pennies..

see inside, what you dont know is hiding.. just out of sight..


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