Saturday, 22 February 2014

Timelapse auto-Anthropology..

The frames you dont see... are a day long... Life is not a movie, that has 24fps.. life exposes so slowly it graduates the face you see each day is a stop frame in an expansion and decay of your identity..

i.e. You cant really see yourself changing.. you superimpose preferential perceptions of "self"... you always see that ancient architecture of many a previous decade washing into the sea of time... and fading into dust.. so slowly... within the mirror of vanity..

Set up a Neck Brace on an integrated steel arm.. so your face is fully in frame with a constant alignment.. in the bathroom with a go-pro on single frame per day at toilet time... do the whole family every day.. and in 5 years see what speed time really runs at....

Even Black holes evaporate over time.. like a millisecond cafe latto on a first date.. the edge of the event horizon is now.. and is always now... till the moment you cannot escape the next... in the centre of a Black hole is yesterday..

Which is where I want to go on my journey through eternity.. "How I long for Yesterday"... when the future didn't matter.. and summers were long, hot and happy.. those Salad Days we Scoffed the Pleasures of life till we had sucked them dry...

Deep Emotion and Compassion are proof of the Quantum field.. that unifies us all..

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