Friday, 14 February 2014


Make Them.. seek them.. all life and stuff is made by natural or/and esoteric connection.. every one has a root.. I connected with a wonderful soul... but lost it.. but there is Hope which contravenes excommunication.. like Einstein said.. 

.. to touch once is to be forever united.. thats not even quantum theory or semantics.. it is atomically the truth.. sentimentality is where the tear begins..

Where is the root of the Amazon... where is the source of a small smile....a connection made in beautiful moments will last life awhile.. i.e. to give something for a hungry heart to eat.. just a snack is all some lone wolfes meet..

Xx Happy Valentine.. Your mine for all time.. freeze that frame: a soul is smaller than a brain... its a nano micro but it is all the Whole world to You and I:

Amen; and so mote it be: turned to poo and pee...

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