Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Fuse Your Brain...

There is a fuse in Your brain... that only blows once... and when it does your whole life changes... in fact there are whole banks of fuses and circuit breakers in the Jelly of You.. You are in the Jelly... not the finger or the organ.. not even a bone.. you are a nexus nucleus of a living lightning matrix of energy vortices.. more advanced than Windows 7 or IOS... thats kiddie computing for morons.. masturbation by advanced mathematics..

You are a tiny nuclear cold fusion furnace of little trickles of stimulus and rivers of organic Data.. You my dear.. are a fucking PC... that look like a Human, and Quacks like a Cat/duck/preying/mantis..

There is a breed within the race of man that functions like Bear Grills... and goes way beyond risk life death and reflection of action.. where Survival in the real world is still dependant upon quick decisions... you need a Quad Core to keep up with your temper..

No computer is faster than the speed of Anger... but when you finally blow the substation.. The whole street is dead.. in a town and a land that is so vulnerable to a caustic cryptic auto suggestion, via a numbing electro magnetic pulse.. only a Gamma ray is more dangerous..

when they turn off the machine.. only Your body dies.. but memories are integrated connections in anti matter, in other words, if you dont mind, it really doesn't matter... Life is the Anomaly... only Death is normal... in a large cold cosmos filled with potential... born from an idea.. and a half formed thought..

Only the Observer exists.. but who is witness to the observer?.. God is a library of sensation, still being stocked, with New works... the most dangerous objects in the panchromatic elements of all existence, even more powerful than a super massive black hole... a Thought is the most advanced creation in all the matter of existence... 

A Prayer has the potential of unified fusion in mind matter and space.. therefore a thought of compassion is the most advance contemplation ever realised in living matter..

God is Thinking.. is Thought.. in a thought you can start a journey without end.. an adventure of fun and profound joy...

if you Choose to.. that is the essence of Romantic sentiment.. where we will all combine into an eternal spiritual orgasm, and we can all come together as one.. and lift the veils of Dogma and ignorance... forever..

Something wonderful is about to happen.. but for the moment it is a secret... yet to be told.. the Observer is God and you are the observer... through a double slit..

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