Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Fuck the new Year..

I want to live in the past.... there is no greater future than the past already lived.. I dont want to go to the future, coz that is where everything ends.. suspend me in liquid Amber... or the sap of a maple..

in stillness there is all movement, in silence there is all sound.. in empty space there is everything.. in the nothing of a tiny soul is everybody..

I just wish.. but cant say it out loud.. because it involves identities of people yet to be named.. whom I care for but must remain anonymous.. You know who you are Darlin... why waste txt to spell your name when you know My heart and soul is yours.. You know who You are.. I would never want to embarrass you like I did in the long distant past..

Those with no name are the most sacred people of all life's experiences.. 


so if I happen to let slip that " I love Your gifted genius ; part time silly Girl, beyond all understanding, we are as intimate as Eienstiens particles that never say good bye.. all received conciousness is always returned... to to the infinity of the quantum fractal... of a random thought in a Mind..

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