Sunday, 8 December 2013

Buy Buy Happiness..

Consumerism is the Killing ground of the essential soul... The search for pleasure through purchase, is the proof of a rotten core to the society which promotes it.. which is the search of pleasure for the pleasure of pleasure itself.. 

What else do I want that I dont need... that I can fit into the small anal cavity of my life controlled by the Sphincter of ones ability to spend..

You have to squeeze it tight to keep the credit in.. or you are in danger of shitting yourself financially..  

It is just as much a tragedy to be Rich as Poor... There are flaws both ends of of the Alimentary canal... some of the best people in society, have the dirtiest underwear...

The most Humble people have the greatest kindness... because they give when they have nothing... Desire is a self inflicted mind control.. so is religion.. God does not come in a pack that need's a battery.. or a handbook written by psychotically challenged mad people.. with delusions of the final wisdom..

at Xmas we are systematically seduced to get go and buy.. stuff for stuffing's sake... in the midwinter solstice we are re-Bourne as pagans who sit in firelight and dance to the Devils drums...

Who can you trust? there are so few good people about.. I dont trust Jesus.. He was 'the original Schizophrenic'.. this Christmas I will imagine a Black Baby... Bourne to change lives, and this year for me, it is Nelson Mandela... it is His Christmas... Why? Because He IS REAL... his body of works and suffering is every bit a Bible.. he was imprisoned for almost as long as Jesus lived.. 

I cant think of any White man who is fit to polish his shoes... Only a Black Man can sing the Blues... coz he has lived them... so deep in the genes they inherit them.. 

Direct into the Soul...

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